Free Soloing Lesson Series - Bob Murnahan's "4 Steps" To Better Soloing

Step 1 Of 4 - Play It Like You Learn It...


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  1. Henry

    great thanks, looking forward to more.

  2. William Briuner

    I liked the lick, lookinf forward to following lessons. Thanks:

  3. Dennis Newberry

    I can`t get enough keep it coming. Thanks

  4. Darrell

    Love it, can’t wait for more.Thanks

  5. steve

    looking forword to next lesson, thanks

  6. ron

    very good stuff

  7. Jeff Schwisow

    I’ve just tried the first video in the series so I’m interested to see where it goes conceptually. The lick itself is pretty straightforward except for the ever present challenge of getting the pitch right on the bend. I’m looking forward to the next in the series.

  8. mike clarke

    Love it keep on

  9. Larry

    I downloaded it and watched and I liked it.

  10. Mark

    I liked it – looking forward to the next lessons. Thank you!

  11. Jim

    Thanks, looking forward to the rest of the lesson.

  12. Bob Layne

    Thanks enjoy the lesson I will be waiting for the next one! Thx again!

  13. Pam

    I like the lick and look forward to more.

  14. EJ Reddick

    Nice lick

  15. I am not able to play the vidoes.
    Do I need to download something to play them?

  16. Roland Wright

    i realy like it