“Explained…A Ridiculously Simple 4 Step System
That Is The Secret To Turning Scales And Licks
Into Music…Time And Time Again”

Greetings Fellow Guitarists,

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve spent hours and hours with your guitar… practicing scales and learning licks by your favorite guitarists thinking that this will finally enable you to play a “cool guitar solo.”

Chances are, you can even pull off a few scales and licks. You might even have reached the point where you feel like it’s all starting to come together.

And then… moment of truth. You put on a backing track or maybe get together with some friends to jam.

You might even muster up the courage to head off to a local “jam session” to show off your new chops. You get your amp cranked up and your sound dialed in eagerly anticipating your big moment.

You get the nod… It’s finally your time to shine.

You get your fret hand in position. Your pick is poised, ready to attack the strings and unleash that first sonic assault that is going to leave everyone in the room just nodding their heads in approval and thinking, “who is this guy?”

And then what comes out?

Nada. zip, zilch…

How do I know? I’ve been there too!

I still remember my first  “jam session” like it was yesterday. There were four of us…two guitars (me included), bass and drums. This other guitar player was flying all over the neck, ripping off this killer solo. I’m serious! The notes were flying out his amp like wood chips off a log at a sawmill.

And then he looked at me and I heard those fateful words, “You take one.”

You know what came out, right?

Nada. zip, zilch…

It was at point two things happened.

  1. I muttered something like, “I don’t play lead, only rhythm.”
  2. I made the decision right then and there that I wanted to learn how to play lead guitar and I would do whatever was necessary to figure it out.
A Journey Of Discovery

I started on the road to “learn to play lead guitar.” There was only one small problem. I didn’t have a map. If your goal is to see the sunset and you start out heading east, it’s not going to happen no matter what you do. So I took the next logical step. I started to make my own map.

I began searching high and low for anything that would help, the one big secret that would unlock the door to playing “great lead guitar.” Sure, I found bits and pieces here and there, but I still felt like I was missing something. Something that other guitarists knew that I didn’t know.

  • My guitar playing friends couldn’t explain it to me.
  • My teachers didn’t have the answer.
  • I couldn’t find it in the multitude of books I was buying.
  • The instructional videos I watched were cool, but it wasn’t in those either.

Looking back I can see that I did get value from everyone of these resources. And each small bit of knowledge gained was another section of road on the map I was putting together that would eventually lead me to the big “secret” I was looking for. And the cool thing is that this “secret,” when you start to apply it, has the power to transform not only your guitar playing, but other areas of your life as well.

But, two things had to happen before I could complete the map.

One…I got a job teaching guitar in a music store. Now I have to be honest here. When I first started, there were times when I was barely one step ahead of the students I was teaching. However, this presented me with a great opportunity to test ideas and concepts.  I would use the material I was working on in my own practice sessions and test it with my students. I could see and hear firsthand what worked and what didn’t.

In fact, I have been teaching the guitar for 32 years now and through the years I have taught well over 1,000 students in private lessons and thousands more via the internet. The bottom line, this experience has helped develop tried and tested methods that work. And they will work for you too!

Two…I discovered Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for short. In a nutshell, NLP is the study of how people experience the world subjectively and is deeply rooted in “systems.”

The “Secret Finally Revealed”

Thanks to NLP the road map was finally able to be completed. Systems were the “secret” I had been missing for all of those years. Looking back, all of the successes I had myself and with my students were the result of a systematic approach to things.

I just didn’t realize it at the time.

I then started to take a look at my favorite guitar books and instructional videos. The ones I had learned the most from…and guess what? They were systems based too. It was a simple as that but until I got into NLP no source had been able to explain or verbalize it in a way that I could understand it.

I immediately went to work taking all of the bits and pieces I had learned and used through the years and started to refine systems for practicing and teaching…and the results were astounding.

My playing started to grow in leaps and bounds. I started sharing these new ideas with my students and those that actually followed the systems made great strides too. It has reached the point where all of my teaching these days involves developing new systems and refining and improving my existing ones.

What makes systems so powerful?

When you systemize a set of activities,  you are thinking through the best way to do those activities in order to get the best results. You then record the sequence of steps and the specific instructions so anyone can get the same results by following the system.

However, when you choose not to systemize, you never think through the steps in their sequence in order to obtain the best results.  Instead you do it one way one day and another the next.  Why does this matter?

When you are following a system consistently doing the steps the same way, your results are predictable. Without a system,  there is no predictability in your results. And predictability is necessary for your improvement. Because in order to make improvements have to be able to compare you are this week, month, etc.,  with where you were a week or a month ago.

Think about this for a minute…

Without predictable results, how can you really be sure any improvement is actually an improvement. You will develop your own appreciation for this as you learn and apply systems to your practice.

Remember, while it’s extremely fun and cool to learn a new lick, it can quickly be replaced by the frustration of…”Now What?” when it comes time to play your own solos.  So here’s a simple four step system that I developed to turn scales and licks into solos that anyone can follow.

The 4 Step System

  • Step 1: Play the lick exactly as you learned it.
  • Step 2: Break the lick up into smaller chunks.
  • Step 3: Change the order of the chunks.
  • Step 4:  Alter the lick rhythmically.

Introducing Clapton Torn Down


What Is Clapton Torn Down?

Clapton Torn Down is a cutting edge guitar course that uses the exact same four step system that you just learned to take “classic Clapton licks” and turn them into your own killer guitar solos time and time again.  It’s based on two rock staples that come to mind anytime Clapton enters the conversation… Tore Down and Crossroads.

In doing research for the course material I went through several recordings of each song to carefully select licks that met the following conditions.

  1. They had to be classic Clapton…
  2. Each link had to give me the opportunity to address key questions that I get all of the time.

When it was all said and done I ended up with 12 licks, 6 from Tore Down and 6 and from Crossroads. Why only 12 and not 50 or 100? So that we could really dig into each lick and explore the four step system in depth over and over again… so that you can learn to do it yourself.

It’s not how much you know, it’s what you can do with what you know!

Instead of trying to show you a bunch of licks and overwhelm you, I would rather dig into a few tasty morsels and get maximum benefit. Stuff you can take to the local jam session or spring on your buddies and have them say, “That was cool, where did you learn that?”

Here’s What You Are Going To Learn
  • Clapton’s simple approach to switching from minor to major in the blues, and no, it does not involve going from the minor blues scale to the major blues scale.
  • The use of all five boxes of the pentatonic scale covering the entire range of the fretboard. When you apply the four step system to the pentatonic scale you will never feel “ boxed in” again… Ever!
  • How to add the sixth to the pentatonic scale. This “extra spice” will instantly add  new depth and coolness to your solos.
  • What notes to avoid against each chord in the blues. Knowing these avoid notes will keep you from hitting those unwanted sounds that seem “off.”
  • Clapton’s hip use of bends from a quarter step to a step and a half. This will add more tonal color to your palate and make your playing more interesting.
  • Ways to use position shifting to effortlessly move up and down the neck. I don’t know about you but I think it looks cool when guitar players move up and down the fretboard. Now you can look cool too.
  • How subtle variations in vibrato  allow you to take just one note and absolutely “kill it.”
  • How the same lick played against a different groove takes on a whole new life. More evidence that you only need a few ideas to sound great.

I could go on and on here. Lets just say there’s enough in here to keep a smile on your face for a long, long time. The end result is that you get to see the four step system in use over and over again so that you can learn it and apply yourself. Once you get the hang of this system, you will be able to easily create your own solos out of just a few licks, again and again.

Who Is This Course For?

I know this material isn’t for everybody.  If you are just getting started on guitar or have no interest in improvising than this course is not for you. Also, this course is not about learning how to play like Clapton, even though you will learn some cool Clapton licks in this course. This course is about learning the four step system to turn scales and licks, no matter who you learn them from, into your own killer solos again and again.

So… If you know a few scales and are into blues and rock guitar but you get hung up when trying to play a solo or improvise, then this course will  give you the simple, repeatable steps, that you can use to crank out solo after solo and sound great too!

Here’s What’s Included

The main course is broken down into several videos. Part one covers Tore Down and part two covers Crossroads. It also comes with a 64 page manual complete with tab. There is also a complete analysis of how I “tore down” each lick using the four step system.

Along with that you also get audios for each lesson where I play each lick twice. Once slow so you can hear it better and then again at normal speed. You’ll also get  all of the jam tracks used in the course so that you can apply your learning immediately (step 1).

Plus A Great Bonus…

Really, this is my favorite part of this deal… In the bonus solos I’ll use the licks from the course and the four step system to create six different solos. This gives you yet another opportunity to see how you can apply the system to create your own solos, as much as you want for as long as you like.

Plus, you get the bonus manual where every solo is completely tabbed  for you so you won’t miss a lick… plus audio recordings of everything so you can play along and test your skills.

All of this is available immediately with digital access. As soon as your checkout is complete you will receive an email with your login instructions to access the  course. You can get started even if it’s 2am!

The Guarantee

There is absolutely no risk on your part. Take this course and have fun with it for 365 days. Really put this information to the test. If for any reason you decide this course is not for you just let us know and you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund. You don’t even have to send it back so there’s truly nothing to lose.

So Here’s The Deal

Look, I could go on and on about how private lessons with me cost $50 per hour and that it would cost you $600 to get this material in person and yada,yada, yada…but I am not going to do that. You have seen the 4 step system in action and you already know it works, and it will work time and time again.

Instead, let me ask you a question. If this material opened a few doors for you that you haven’t been able to break down for a long time, or finally flipped the switch that turned on the light for you and really changed the way you look at playing while creating a whole new world of possibilities, how much would that be worth to you?

How about $67? That’s right, we wanted to make this deal a “no brainer” for you and offer to you for only $67. And if the $67 is a stretch for you, there is even a 3 payment plan that means you can get started today for only $22.33.

Here’s What Others Have To Say About Clapton Torn Down…
Hey Bob,

I just want to say thanks for the help again. I just watched the first couple of videos, they are brilliant. I like the way you use the licks as a basis for more playing. It makes it sound really good to repeat those ideas slightly differently. I’m really enjoying playing along with the jam tracks.

Thanks again!

Ken Tyler
Great stuff Bob, very hands-on and practical application.

If someone really was to play, and they are ready to get real about what it takes, they can’t do any better than your in-depth teaching. The more I dig deep and woodshed these lessons, I’m blown away by the way you are literally handing over the “keys to the highway” no pun, and all off of very basic shapes too. What a fantastic tutorial for breaking into blues/ rock soloing.

Michael F
Hi Bob,

My name is Malcolm and I live in Birmingham UK. I am 62 and have been trying to play for about 45 years! Someone gave me a guitar and at that particular time I was introduced to your course and fascinated, so I set off for. You have made my life complete!!!

Thank you most sincerely,

Hi Bob,

Your solos are excellent and I like the way you break down some of the lyrics so we can see how they interconnect. These videos of help me so much, I really appreciate your hard work.

Blessings to you…

Mr. Fred Payton
So here’s the next step…

In the past this course has been on DVD and we’ve sold out in a matter of just a few days. In fact, we were blown away by how fast they were snatched up. That’s one of the reasons for the digital access, it cannot sell out.

There’s no reason for your journey through learning lead guitar to be as long and difficult as mine was. You’re at a great opportunity here to take advantage of my 30+ years of creating and refining a repeatable, effective system that you can copy and paste for yourself.

And keep in mind that if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason within 365 days, just let us know and you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund. There’s no risk for you and a huge potential upside. So go ahead and order your copy now.